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    Our Packable Straw

    This revolutionary new straw has the same look and feel as a panama straw but you can fold it and pack it in your bag for up to 72 hours...

    How Our Hats Are Made

      Our hats are made by using century old techniques in an 180 year old factory. Our wool comes from a cruelty free farm in Texas, and our straw, from...

    What Compliments A Straw Hat?

    What things go hand-in-hand with straw hats? Your favorite swimsuit, an aperol spritz and SPF. Did you know Alanna’s revolutionary packable straw hat holds up to 50+ UV protection? Although we don’t recommend you skip out on your daily dose of SPF, the Alanna most certainly does compliment your skin’s protection regimen.

    Your Perfect Summer Accessory: The Boater Straw Hat

    The neutral tone and breathable material of our Desmona straw hat can be taken just about anywhere the sun shines. A seaside escape and a straw hat is like pairing cheese with wine, you can’t have one without the other.

    Why Purchasing Quality Pieces Is So Important

    Did you know each year 5% of all landfill waste comes from our closet? Fast fashion brands produce cheap quality, high fashion products at a low cost. They introduce new products, multiple times a week in order to stay on trend. The thing you might not know, however, is that...

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