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How Our Hats Are Made

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Quality hats


Our hats are made by using century old techniques in an 180 year old factory. Our wool comes from a cruelty free farm in Texas, and our straw, from Ecuador. Every step is carefully curated from scouring and dying the wool, blocking, steaming or braiding, sewing the brim, labels, and details, and shaped by hand, passing through as many as 60 skilled craftsmen. Each hat takes roughly 90 different steps to complete, making this century-old craft truly unique.


With the time put into each piece, we are so proud of our products; products in which you will notice the difference in quality craftsmanship. We hope to shift the narrative away from excess spending and focus on fewer, quality pieces we work so hard to create. Each piece is made by hardworking Americans who are paid wages that reflect their immaculate skill. If properly cared for, our hats are made to last with the intent of being passed down from generation to generation.


Our Sustainable Responsibility
We are committed to reducing our impact through continuous improvement of our processes. Boor is taking into account both the environmental and socio-economic aspects to continuously improve in all stages of the product's life cycle. As part of our sustainability journey, we're tracing our supply chain and implementing sustainable fibers into every collection.
Using local production and having our distribution center on the same campus as our manufacturing plant has helped minimize our carbon footprint. We reuse our water through our full water treatment facility and we use earth friendly dyes, all of which are azo-free. No use of benzine or any harmful contaminants so you can wear your hat with ease.

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