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What Is Packable Straw?

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Packable straw hat womens summer hat

The Packable Straw Sun Hat


With hundreds of thousands of womens summer hats out there, sun hats and straw hats are among the most popular. Summer is right around the corner and straw hats are practically a necessity for sun protection or at least just some straight up summer style goals. Floppy hats, wide brimmed hats, stiffened hats, the options are endless but there’s never been anything quite like the packable hat. Typically strawhats are made with the "packable" style, and they’re perfect for traveling. This revolutionary new straw has the same look and feel as a panama straw but you can fold it up and pack it in your bag for up to 72 hours without damaging the hat. You can even completely drench it - hello pool parties - and it will return back to its original shape. Talk about the best headwear in the USA! We created the Allana with the traveller in mind. Made with a quality suede leather band, this flat brim fedora is flexible and ready for any adventure. Strawhats are great but packable straw sun hats are even better!


So what is packable straw? Originated in Ecuador, the packable straw was created for flexibility. There are many different kinds of straws out there, some better than others, but none of them can do what a “packable” straw hat can do and here’s why. Packable straw is made from a combination of straw and paper, not to be mistaken with Toyo. This combination of materials allows for the straw to be flexible while maintaining its durability. These hats are hand braided, sometimes braided into strips and then sewn together to make the hat body, then blocked into shape by using steam... also something to remember if you’re looking on how to reshape a straw hat. Most of these packable sun hats are rated with UPF 50+ providing superb sun protection in addition to the flexibility and lightweight material. Each of our packable hats are handmade in Ecuador then sent to our plant in the USA to finish the design. These straw hats are intricate in detail and labor intensive. Each straw is handmade giving every hat an ever-so-slightly different color and weave. 


This packable straw has the same elegance and quality as panama straw but just gives a little more flexibility with a little less maintenance. Shop the Allana now!

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