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Why Purchasing Quality Pieces Is So Important

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Fast fashion brands and why we need to stop buying from them


Did you know each year 5% of all landfill waste comes from our closet? Fast fashion brands produce cheap quality, high fashion products at a low cost. They introduce new products, multiple times a week in order to stay on trend. The thing you might not know, however, is that these fast fashion brands are actually creating that demand. So instead of simply replenishing their stock, they sell out and replace these items with a new style, making our older pieces seem outdated, and making us want to keep shopping for newer, trendier items. To add to this, because these fast fashion brands need to stay on trend, they will copy styles from independent artists, otherwise known as counterfeit merchandise. These companies use cheaper labour, often resorting to sweatshops. You’re probably asking yourself, well what fast fashion brands do I need to avoid specifically? There are too many to list.

More so, fast fashion comes at a huge environmental cost. Using toxic chemicals, which are often poured into rivers polluting the water and soil of nearby areas. Since the clothes are so cheap and disposable, consumers are tossing out their pieces and replacing them just as quickly. The average US citizen throws out 70 pounds of clothing every year. More so, the textile industry produces more carbon emissions than some airlines, and by 2050, has been predicted to use as much as a quarter of the world’s carbon budget. 

These are just a few reasons as to why shopping quality products are so important. When you buy less, you’re actually ultimately spending less. And when you’re purchasing quality pieces, these pieces will likely last you years, even generations, to come. By purchasing quality, you’re not only helping out your wallet, you’re helping out the environment. Avoid fast fashion brands and purchase pieces that will last you years.

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